Thursday, 3 January 2008

Ethnic marketing and representation

Here is Marc Drillech's view about ethnic marketing, that I think intersting to read on this blog: "Once we’ve admitted that advertising’s role is not replacing politics, but that its aim is to build performing brands able to stand out in the commercial market, and that our citizenship is the same for all kind of activity, we can then talk about how ethnic minorities are represented in another way.

First of all, let’s kill this ethnic marketing concept, which has become a rag-bag used to throw in all ideas, all strategies which refer to ethnic minorities. Specific cultures always had, in France and in other countries, products, brands, sale places, offers, responding to their cultures. The fact that ethnic marketing is developing in a France more and more split into different ethnic communities is a social fact, that transforms the country, but whose market, reality and potential needs to be level-headed. When a product goes out of its “cultural limits” in order to be adopted by all the French, like pizza or couscous (remember Garbit couscous: “it’s good like over there”), it’s not new or even surprising.

But the representation question is different, because it’s fundamentally a politic question, because it’s the source of constant conflicts, because it makes us think about integration and national identity, because it questions marketing approach and companies and advertising agencies’ choices."

So does that mean that the real problem is not about targeting, and therefore differentiating ethnic communities, but more about how these communities are represented? That would raise the question of a "political correct" ethnic marketing, that could fit french integration's expectations...

Notes à partir de Critic-hall - Le Blog de Marc Drillech tagué avec 'marketing ethnique' :
(Thoughts translated from Critic-hall – Marc Drillech’s blog tagged with “ethnic marketing”)

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